Investing: The Slow Drip

  September 27, 2018  |    Conor   |    Investing

What makes an investor great? For those new to investing, the naive answer often includes phrases like ultra-high returns, big bets, or risk-taking. But the research shows otherwise. In a Harvard Business Review article, researchers describe the difference between companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry who gain momentum through innovation, specifically when it…

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Monitor Your Spending And Save Money

  July 1, 2018  |    Conor   |    Credit Cards

Developing bad spending habits can be easy. People use credit cards and consistently spend more than they can afford, and there is always something unexpected that seems to get in the way of maintaining a monthly budget. This can make it difficult to save. If you aren’t careful, it can also lead to a growing…

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Personal Capital, Investing, And The Rich

  June 16, 2018  |    Conor   |    Investing

Focus. That is what it takes to reach financial success. It takes a persistent focus to get better every day, it takes a strategic outlook, and it takes a dedicated approach. Every year counts. But each year brings new challenges. For investors (like you) this means changing industry, market, and company risks, all of which have…

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7 Steps To Building Your Emergency Fund

  June 4, 2018  |    Conor   |    Savings Accounts

Virtually every personal finance advisor has one rule; make sure you have an emergency fund.  This is especially true for people who are starting to get their finances in order for the first time. An “emergency cushion”, as it is so aptly named, is meant to stop you from dipping into your savings account in…

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Podcasting, Living With Money, and Millennials

  May 28, 2018  |    Conor   |    The Rich Life

Podcasting is definitely on the rise, especially among Millennials. This past week, I finally dipped my toe into this fun medium during an interview with Investment Adviser Tim Mullooly (@TimMulloolyMAM) of Mullooly Asset Management. In this wide-ranging conversation, Tim and I explore all sorts of topics including paying off student loans, the future of money,…

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Getaways, Solitude, and Productivity

  May 20, 2018  |    Conor   |    Career

The other week I went on my first writing retreat. Before leaving Austin, I was skeptical about the value of a writing getaway. But there are too many authors who rave about the benefits of getting out of the city in order to congeal your thoughts into book form. So, more out of a sense…

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